Calling Myanmar has never been easier. Using following services, allows you to call (+95) numbers with the low cost and high quality. These companies are using VoIP systems, instead of the traditional methods, in order to bring better and cheaper phone and internet call experience for you.

Using These services allows to you to easily call the cities whithin Myanmar, including:

  • Rangoon
  • Yangon
  • Mergui
  • Toungoo

Available services:

  • Call Myanmar using Localphone

    Localphone makes VoIP calls much more enjoyable. It's user friendly website allows you to easily manage your telephone calls.


    • Usable with regular phones
    • Cheaper cost than the usual caling cards fo calling Myanmar ( +95 numbers ) .
    • Free VoIP number
    • Friendly and easy to use user interface
    • Many VoIP devices and softwars can be used with it.


    • Less reliable than Skype and Yahoo! Voice

  • Call Myanmar using Yahoo! Voice

    Yahoo! Voice is another available serice that allows VoIP calls. Similiar to Skype, This programm has a downloable programm which you you can download and use for making calls. Calling other computers is free on Yahoo! Voice. Calling landline numbers is also possible through Yahoo! Voice by paying additinall cost.


    • Reliable Service
    • Large number of users in Myanmar and potential recievers of free calls
    • User friendly Interface and downloadable programm which you cal use for calling Myanmar regular phones (+95)
    • Call history acess
    • Free Voice mail service


    • Higher cost
    • It requires computer for making calls
    • The quality of the calls is not as good as the other services

  • Call Myanmar using Skype

    Skype is one of the most popular VoIP services in the world. This service allows you to call other computers for free. It also allows you to call landlines numbers at a reasonable cost


    • Reliable Service
    • Lots of special offers
    • User friendly Interface
    • Downloadable Proggram
    • Call history
    • Allows sending and recieving international text messages to Myanmar


    • Higher cost than other providers
    • Requieres computer for making calls
    • The service is less reliable during the busy periods of the day

  • Call Myanmar using Comfi Telephon Cards

    By using Comfi telephon cards you can buy cheap calling credit and easily call Myanmar from your landline or mobile phone. Comfi helps you to find the best calling cards quickly.


    • Cheap prices
    • No need to internet conndection and computers
    • No need for registration and shipping
    • Real time purchase


    • Can not be used with computer